Population Of Bangladesh

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Population of Bangladesh

Population of Bangladesh

Bangladesh Population Pyramid for 2005

In 2003, Bangladesh was the seventh bulk populous homeland in the earth, with an approximated population of 135 million. The country's population density, approximately 1,000 persons per rectangle kilometre, is furthermore one of the largest in the world. As guided within Figure 1, come lid 40% of the gross population is below the age of 15, and come lid 50% of the population is inside reproductive age. The every year population development rate is 1.48%.

Since profiting independence 33 years before, health and learning in Bangladesh possess advanced extraordinarily and scarcity has declined. Still, there is restricted obtain access towards to wellbeing services, sanitation and protected water. With almost half of its population dwelling below the scarcity line, Bangladesh has the largest incidence of scarcity in South Asia and the third largest number of broke persons home in a lone country after India and China. Bangladesh will not achieve sustainable expansion without proceeded efforts towards constrain population growth.

 The age at the begin marriage in Bangladesh is immobile juvenile, although it is rising. The lawful age of wedding ceremony for ladies has been expanded from 14 towards 18 years; the smallest for men is 21. In 2000, come lid 50% of ladies within Bangladesh were wed by the moment they were 15 years vintage, down from 60% just three years before. Still, 80% of Bangladeshi ladies wed as lengthy as adolescence, expanding the prospect of having high-risk or ill-timed beginnings, and many beginnings over their reproductive life. Childbearing starts early and the most (57%) of Bangladeshi ladies possess a progeny by age 19. 

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