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Population Policy

Population Policy

Identify and define the parameters of the population

The parameters of the population are the special needs population of the City of Beaumont in Texas and how disasters such as hurricanes affect their lives. The City of Beaumont along with many other jurisdictions was evacuated during Hurricane Ike and Hurricane Rita. The City of Beaumont is extremely difficult to evacuate during a disaster. However, the challenges are compounded with special need individuals that may be elderly, children, individuals with disabilities, with medical needs, or from diverse cultures and economically disadvantaged. (Mitroff 2005)

The special needs population according to the U.S. Census 2000, the state of Texas has a lower than national average rate of disability (15%) compared to the general U.S. population of 17 percent. However, the City of Beaumont has a 20 percent population of special need individuals. Special needs population in Beaumont is higher than the U.S. and the state of Texas averages. (Min 2005)

Moreover, in the population over the age of 65 years, Texas has a lower census than the national average. Texas 9.9 compared to 12.4 percent national. This isn't true with the City of Beaumont even though it is in the state of Texas. Beaumont's has a higher average of older adults at 13.4 percent. There are many people 65 years and older that are in good health both physically and mentally. However, many are not and need additional support due to poor health and dependence on medications.

Census your population

Beaumont is a city in and county seat of Jefferson County, Texas, United States, within the Beaumont-Port Arthur Metropolitan Statistical Area. The city's population was 113,866 at the 2000 census. With Port Arthur and Orange, it forms the Golden Triangle, a major industrial area on the Gulf Coast.

Describe the region

The Beaumont-Port Arthur region is cited as one of the most polluted cities in the United States due to various energy industries and chemical plants in the area. It has caused many residents to become sick and has generated debates through the media. Many environmental justice organizations have kept track of cities such as Beaumont-Port Arthur and others in Texas regarding similar pollution, its effect on mostly minority residents, and lax regulation.

Describe the hazards

In 1957, Hurricane Audrey, a strong category 4 hurricane (borderline category 5 at times), came onshore straight up the Texas/Louisiana border, causing massive flooding and wind damage. At least 416 people lost their lives (other estimates show over 500), mostly in Louisiana due to drowning from its storm surge. (U.S. Department of Homeland Security Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties 2008)

In 1961, Hurricane Carla, the largest storm in terms of size, affected the entire Texas coastline from Jefferson County to Brownsville. Carla caused $2.6 billion (2006 dollars) in damage. Beaumont suffered tornadoes and massive flooding due to poor drainage.

Beaumont went without another hurricane impact until June 26, 1986, when Hurricane Bonnie roar through the region with maximum winds at 90 miles per hour (140 km/h), with gusts to 125 miles per hour (201 km/h), which created havoc on local ...
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