Portrayal Of Brazil In The Us News

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[Portrayal of Brazil in the US News]


Portrayal of Brazil in the US News


U.S. News Media portrayal of Brazil: President Fernando Henrique Cardoso (2001 and 2002) and Luis Inacio Lula da Silva on the last two years (2009 and 2010) Analysis of the mandate of the last two years. As the famous sociologist as Minister of Foreign Affairs and international prestige by using his previous experience, FHC building great friendships with leaders such as Bill Clinton and Ernesto Zedillo, was respected on the world stage. Respected abroad, although in general people's congress and its problems in Brazil FHC was explaining the government's priorities. Despite claiming to be leftist and supporter of social-democracy, FHC is why people believe he was a neo-liberal economy took some decisions.

55.5% of total public debt to GDP in the years 1995-2002 saw a dramatic increase to 30. The U.S. dollar Brazilian real devalorisation. However, the share of debt in terms of growth, such as large claims that were due to external factors beyond the control of the Cardoso administration's success in reducing inflation was the turning point. Plano Real in June 1994 the previous month, 31.2 percent of the average monthly inflation, began, that a total of 25.9 percent a year, monthly prices fell between 1-3% in 1995. She fell to 15.6 in 1996 and 1997. 7.2, as a result, the tax system and social security changes planned by the major reforms such as the Executive branch, was considered only partially after the debate is really long and tiring. On January 8, 1996, as part of the process claims filed against local indigenous reservations in the territory of the net to draw in neighboring landowners, created a framework for the controversial Decree issued in 1775.

He also former ally, Itamar Franco, governor of Minas Gerais was later suffered personal problems with his predecessor. Create a reelection, and it allowed staying in office for eight years - FHC also criticized for its benefit into the Constitution. Most people in the first four years of his popularity, with the Plano Real have won more, but different after the crisis of politics and power section, declined in the last four years I think. That the public that public safety could have done more and confessed to the creation of new jobs.

March 9, 2002, Folha de Sao Paulo Cardoso of Brazil's most respected business leader, published a tribute to the extraordinary authors, Luís Nassif, one: "In 1995, we still had a back impeachment campaign; the new politicians had the political community. On stage. But Fernando Collar even fall, as all of its political history, a lot more regional political chiefs allied himself with the result of his incapacity.

"Almost eight years later, the political chiefs are disappearing one by one. Who's that behind those losses is direct participation of Fernando Henrique Cardoso. And who is that everything, even though it has been a part of those who believe in the spontaneous maturation of the country's political institutions.

"At the same time, FHC, intellectual, his ...