Post Adoption Support Services

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Post Adoption Support Services


Children are regarded as the beauty and charm of life. Without the presence of children, there is gap in the life. Some families do not children, so they adopt a child or children. Such children usually have a number of problems associated with them. After adopting a child, families have to face these problems. To help families in coping up with these problems after adoption, post adoption support services are provided. Proper care should be taken of children who have been adopted. The post adoption support services provide assistance to families which have adopted a child. They have proved to be of great importance to the adopting families as well as for the society.

Post Adoption Support Services


Children are considered as the beauty of the world. The presence of children in a house and family fills the life with happiness and beauty. Perhaps, children are a gift of God. Without children, a house or a family appears to be gloomy. They add the element of color to life. Those who have children consider themselves to be very much blessed. However, it happens that families do not have children due to some reasons. This absence of children in a family creates a gap that needs to be filled. What families usually do in this regard is that they adopt children or a child from a foster home. The children who live in the foster homes are those ones who cannot live with their families for some reason, such as the death of their parents or bad financial situation of the family.

The families who have adopted a child may face some problems afterwards. To cope up with these problems, the need for post adoptions services was felt. As a result, agencies were formed with the purpose of providing post adoption services to the families who have adopted a child. Such agencies and the services they provide proved to be very helpful and effective in addressing the problems that were face by the families after adoption. The services of such agencies are required at different stages after child adoption (Shatzkin, 2000).

Let us consider in some detail why there is need for such services and why the families that have adopted a child have unique needs.


As discussed above, the agencies and organizations that are providing post adoption services are playing a remarkable role in resolving the problems associated with families who have adopted a child.

The children which are adopted from a foster care usually have significant emotional, physical and psychological problems. The reasons for these problems are that they have been either sexually harassed or a subject of negligence. Moreover, they face frequent changes in the foster home. They also suffer instability in their lives. As a result, of such trauma in the initial stage of their life, a number of problems get associated with them.

Different families who adopt a child have different needs. This mainly depends upon the history of the adopted child and other ...
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