Post-Modern Mindset: How Can I Reach People For Christ?

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Post-Modern Mindset: How Can I Reach People For Christ?

Post-Modern Mindset: How Can I Reach People For Christ?


Postmodernism and post modernity are words that indicate certain cultural phenomena of the second half of the twentieth century, which are related to the acceleration of culture from the sixties who still have no definitive explanation. The words themselves, by their suggestive power, are part of the phenomena called postmodern (Carson, 2002).

The book “Telling the Truth: Evangelizing Postmoderns” describes that christianity adheres to the monotheistic belief that there is one God who created the universe with all that exists in it, and this God is active in history, guiding and teaching his people, who are committed to specific rules and principles of action. The history of Christianity begins in Galilee when an angel visited the Virgin Mary in Nazareth, to announce that God had chosen her to bear his son Jesus who was born around 3 BCE in a manger in Bethlehem. After his Baptism in the Jordan River, Jesus' ministry begins, during which time he performed many miracles and gave a number of sermons preaching love and charity, emphasizing a personal relationship with God, the forgiveness of sins, and the promise of life after death, stressing to his disciples his mission with its focus of the new community he was creating (Allen, 1989).

Carson in his book reveals that when an individual responds to the call of God and receive Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord are born spiritually and become in its interior a new creature. To grow and be in good physical shape, we need to eat, sleep, to relax, and do exercise. To grow and remain spiritually healthy, we must develop an intimate relationship with God and take good care of this new spiritual life. The more we read the Bible on a daily basis and we will understand more. The more we read the Bible on daily basis more we will understand. Read a revised version, while referring to a good Bible commentary, which you can find at a good bookstore. A good mutual communication remains the only master key which gives us a good ongoing relationship; it must be so not only in our daily lives with the people, but also in our relationship with God. God speaks to us primarily through the Bible, through people, through our mind, through various circumstances and it also uses other means (Wells, 2005).

Christianity in the Post-Modern Mindset

According to the Carson, the mentality of postmodernism, floods almost every aspect of daily life. The disciples of Jesus and their successors in the Christian Church came to believe that Jesus had created a new relationship between man and God, through his life and teaching, his death and his resurrection. His achievement could not be fitted into the traditional picture of the Messiah. They believed that he had not just brought a new message about God; in him God had come to save and to draw mankind to himself, by love and by ...