Postnatal Care Of A Woman Post Caesarean Section

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Postnatal care of the woman post caesarean section

Postnatal care of the woman post caesarean section


Three main areas of activity include: improving the ability to educate health workers and use that are available in the reliability and proper identification mix of skills and abilities to meet the health needs of the community, security policy frameworks in place to ensure public safety. Skill mix and new cadres of workers in the 2006 World Health Report recognized the need for health systems to be sustainable workforce. (Bennett 2003 100)

Planning for the introduction of new cadres and / or changes in skill mix should be specific to each country and take into account local needs for services. The article by David C. Benton, ICN, noted that when there is a difference in the density of health workers between and within countries, there is no correlation between higher density workforce (doctors, midwives, nurses) and infant mortality, child safety life and maternal mortality.

There is a shift towards the use of skills in the job description of workers' health. Looking at the skills a person possesses the unique, the gap between present and future can be determined. This avoids piece, saving resources and making full use of skills achievement. The potential impact of the new picture quality and efficiency of health care should be investigated before they are introduced to reduce the waste of resources. When introduced, the impact on patient outcomes should be continually assessed. Kathy Herschderfer practice environment, ICM, and Andrea Bauman, Director World Health Collaborating Centre Health Human Resources, wrote the paper. Practice environment (PPE) required to support individual health professionals through all the psychological issues, society, environment, professional and personal impact on their ability to perform. (Collins 2003 25)

Factors necessary for social and psychological wellbeing are: • Requires resources to meet the individual's • A high level of job security • Workplace Safety • Good social support from colleagues and managers • Access to education and professional development • meaningful work • A high level of influence, autonomy, leadership • A balance between effort and reward are related to it only calls for action following the first International Forum on Expanding Community Midwifery host ICM, UNFPA and WHO. CS Overview

Women who have had the CS will have a range of immediate needs, health in the short and long term. These are usually included in the post-operative needs, such as wound care and pain relief and particular needs of post-natal, and the support and advice in relation to breast or condition - such as endometritis (infection of the uterus ) - which is more often associated with abdominal than vaginal delivery. CS Women may also experience other health problems common after childbirth, such as back pain fatigue, and depression, so that the publication also refers to the source of guidance for identifying and managing them.

The information presented here should be distributed to women so that they are fully aware and involved in decisions about their ...