Pre Choice Vs. Pro Choice

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Pre Choice vs. Pro Choice

Pre Choice vs. Pro Choice

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Pre Choice vs. Pro Choice


Abortion today has become a very common medical procedure in the United States. Statistics have showed that nearly more than 40% of women who at a certain age tend to end their pregnancies through out their reproductive live once, or some may even choose not to give birth throughout their lives. The U.S government legalized abortion in the year 1973, and now nearly 1.2 abortion related activities are performed each year, and surprisingly it is increasing rapidly.

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The world statistic say that approximately 20-30 million abortions are performed throughout the world legally, and about 10-20 million abortions are performed illegally. Performing an illegal abortion can be dangerous to the health of the woman, as about 13% of the illegal operations that are performed throughout the world fail to cause a death present to the women. In the countries where abortion is performed legally and safely like the U.S the death toll is very low.

Despite of the fact that technology is bringing in the new birth control methods at a very quick succession, as many as 6million pregnancies that occur in the united states every year are reported to be unplanned. The decisions of giving birth to these unplanned pregnancies go in vain as none is mentally planned, and more than half of these pregnancies that are caused accidentally or by the mistakes in the birth control medicines end up in abortion.

Looking at the chart above, what we get to analyze is that, abortion was at a peak between 1977-1981. Somehow, the abortion rate started falling down with the passage of time until 2005. The growing concern of the federal government is that the abortion rate has started to rise after 2006, a number of factors may be involved, but with this growing abortion rate there are a number of other medical problems that have risen as well.

In the year 2003, in the united states, every 16th women out of 1000 women who was between the age of 15-44 had some how had undergone an abortion, and as many as 241 abortions were also performed, this statement is as per the indication of the center of disease control and prevention. It has been since the last 20 years that a remarkable progress has been done in the field of abortion which facilitates the second trimester abortion.

Against abortion

A lot of people say that abortion is illegal because it is taking away the life of a human and taking away life is known as a murder, but here in the case of abortion one can easily murder a child whenever she wants to with the protection of law and without any punishment. Putting an end to life is and always was a murder and will always be a murder. No civilized society, so far has given permission to intentionally harm any human without any punishment, abortion is considered as inhumane. Adoption is an alternative to ...
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