Pre Clinical Paper

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Pre Clinical Paper

Pre Clinical Paper


The competence of the nurse is to acquire knowledge, attitudes and skills that make knowledge be in practice.

Nursing Process

The practice of care involves a large number of essential knowledge and skills to provide quality care. The most fundamental concern to all items where professional practice is based on the same time and these give it a peculiar characteristic.

These elements relate to:

1. The ability of the nurse should have to base their practice on a conceptual framework.

2. Apply the scientific process to support it in the certain knowledge.

3. To establish a nurse-client validates.

The main element of competition is the knowledge of a conceptual model of care:

A professional, whatever their field of activity, should be able to explain what the service it provides to society and determine what is specific to it.

It is necessary to define:

1. The object of his profession: the person

2. The purpose of their activity: they care

3. Role: depending on the model chosen conceptual (V. Henderson us)

4. The difficulties of the patients they serve, are the reasons that cause the patient not to be independent

5. The nature of their intervention on the client: is curative, preventive and rehabilitative

6. The consequence of his speech is that the patient will go better or worse.

7. This is a mental representation of the major dimensions of nursing. This is a simplified way to view their experienced reality.

All these cognitive elements, when done within a global theoretical framework becomes a conceptual framework or model.

Professional Practice

Nursing has evolved from an informal practice, for which only required basic training at a university that currently covers the requirements, and characteristics of higher education; however, the changes that have occurred in education have failed to transform, as we would like the professional practice of nursing. Which depends more on the deficit of professional nurses, and staff need to enable then as assistant physician, hospital or community services, and in another sense, the adaptation made of nursing professionals in the labor market. (Kovno, 2006).

Critical Thinking and Analysis

It is important to recognize that sometimes factors outside the profession have been more decisive for the development of nursing because some of them act as spring conditions for the professionalization of nursing. The movement's strength of primary care and culture of quality in health institutions. Which are placing the professional nurse as a pillar to drive substantial changes in the provision of public health services and more recently the need to internationalize the professions? A situation that requires standardize conditions for nursing practice in North America; organize the training of nursing according to the International Standard Classification of Education (UNESCO) and set forms of accreditation programs training, and procedures for certifying and authorizing the entry or stay in nursing practice, among other things (Spetz, 2010).

Provision of Coordinated Care

In our country, we recognize a prolonged transition period to achieve the professionalization of nursing, it understood as the process that allow us to present to society the organization, procedures and guarantees under any profession is to ensure that ...
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