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Pre-Tribulation Rapture and Millennial

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The following arguments are some of the main reasons why millions of Christians believe in a pre-tribulation rapture. Many of these people are not aware that there is another way to look at the texts that prove the pre-tribulation rapture. There is a hope that after taking a hard look at the following, many proponents of the pre-tribulation rapture see differently, things about the timing of the rapture. Though there would be rapture, the teachings of the pre-tribulation-rapture which will show itself to nothing more than a false hope (and perhaps even a snare) for many who were not spiritually prepared for those days because they thought to escape rather than face the hard days to come ahead. My hope is that many people will reconsider their position on a pre-tribulation rapture after they see some of the main arguments on which it is based. Discussion Rapture relation with Tribulation

The most divisive issues in the church are the rapture timing with relations to Tribulation. There are three main views of Tribulation which are Pre-Tribulation that is the rapture which occurs before the Tribulation, other is the Med-Tribulation that is the rapture which occurs at the midpoint of the Tribulation as well as the last one is the Post-Tribulation that is the rapture which occurs at the end of the Tribulation. Furthermore, there is also a fourth opinion which is commonly termed as Pre-wrath which is slightly differs from the Med-tribulation. The most important thing is to identify the Tribulation purpose. According to the Daniel 9:27, seven years, which has been a week, and yet has to come. The complete prophecy of Daniel seventy weeks (Daniel 9:20-27) speaks to the Israel nation. This is a time period where attention of God is on Israel. Seventieth week will always be a time for Israel when God will be considering to deal with Israel nation which do not leads of the earth during that time that the church will not be presented at that time, but the question arises is why church require being on earth throughout that time.

The main paragraph in Scripture concerning the rapture is 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 which stat that the entire believers' living or death will be meeting the Lord Jesus in the journey as taking people from the earth. Other verses that were later stated in 1 Thessalonians 5:9 is that God did not appoint us to wrath rather receive salvation by the Lord Jesus-Chris. The Revelation Book that deals with the Tribulation time period is like a prophetic message regarding the pour out wrath on earth during the Tribulation. This appears to be inconsistent from GOD promise for believers that wrath will not be suffered by them as well as they will be left on the earth throughout the Tribulation.

Other important transition in Rapture is Revelation 3:10 is that Christ has promised the believers from the “Hour of Trail” for returning to the ...
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