Preparation Of A Known Adhesive

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Preparation of a Known Adhesive

Preparation of a Known Adhesive


Industries have played a very significant role in the development of the human being, but like all other tools which humans used to achieve success. Industrialization too has affected the human beings in many forms. Where industries tend to play a crucial role in the development of the economy, on the other hand, it pollutes the environment around us. In the context of this paper, we will be throwing light on hydrochloric acid and the way it has affected human beings (Marquita 2010, p.230-241). Today Hydrochloric acid tends to be counted among the significant pollutant as it tends to be used in the preparation of many goods such as dyes, fertilizers, paints, pigments and various other such goods.



Hydrochloric Acid tends to extracted by disbanding Hydrogen Chloride in water. However, this not the only way of producing Hydrochloric Acid, it can be produced through different techniques. Hydrochloric Acid tends to have different properties attached to it which would be discussed in the course of this paper. The physical properties of Hydrochloric Acid tend to include its boiling and melting points along with its density and its pH value. Although its ph Value tends to be depended upon the concentration of HCL in the solution of acid. These solutions tend to have different concentration level starting from 0 percent and mounting up to 40 percent. Hydrochloric Acid can dissolve in benzene along with alcohol and ether. However, the Hydrochloric Acids appear to be insoluble in hydro carbons although it tends to less reactive or non-reactive with the metals. Its fumes tend to have highly penetrative odor and can corrode almost all the metals (Roy, p.435).


Hydrochloric acid is produced by dissolving burning hydrogen in chlorine obtained in this ...
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