Preparing For The Protest

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Preparing for the Protest

Preparing for the Protest


As the Chief of Police, it is the duty of my force to maintain a peaceful procession in the town during the protest. There will be a total number of three hundred and fifty militia group members who will protest. The militia group has assured they will conduct a peaceful rally in town and they had no intentions to hurt anyone. However, there is a potential threat from other groups that oppose this protest and therefore security measures need to be taken to control that. Although, the notification is given to the Police Department and the City Hall, there are still concerns that need to be put in place. This is the first time ever that the town is going to witness a large procession, therefore, measures to address the towns people about the nature of the protest is being formulated. As the Chief of Police I have made a comprehensive plan to plan, address and account for the procession.


Comprehensive plan

Security is one of the major concerns during a protest of any kind. This being one of the biggest in town needs a proper arrangement to ensure no mishap happens. As there will be opposing party members too, there is a need to allocate two separate areas so that there is no fight between them and the situation becomes out of control. So the police force needs to be aware of the safety concerns, the right divide between the two opponents and in case of a problem situation what needs to be done. There are rights of every person belonging to any group and protest is one of their rights. The challenge is to maintain peaceful demonstrations and to arrest any person who creates mischief between the two. The tactics used by the force will be thoroughly studied and any suggestions to deal with large procession will be welcomed. There should be identification cards on every member belonging to any group. Individuals who are without any identification will not be allowed to attend the procession. Only those who have the cards will be allowed inside the area. No other person will be allowed in that jurisdiction.

Ethical treatment to all parties

During the protest, there is a possibility of mob getting agitated at the slightest of rift. There is a possibility of tear gas, shooting of rubber bullets or billy clubbed. These are all the measures taken up by the police force to control a mob that gets out of hand. However, there is a need to understand the ethical treatment to all party workers. Any misdoing towards a member of one party can lead to more demonstrations for the police force, so the police will be trained to deal in such a scenario. The right treatment to all parties is the basic right and the Police needs to understand this without any bias. Wrong treatment by any police officer will lead to serious reprimand and misconduct on the part of the ...