Presentation Skills Development

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Presentation Skills Development

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Skill to be developed3

Enhancing presentation skill3

Presentation skill as management skill4




Making strong presentation6

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Presentation Skills Development

Skill to be developed

I want to develop oral presentation skills. I have made many presentation skills but I find myself hesitant and nervous while giving presentations. I fail to build a good connection with the audience. I also lack to connect them with my ideas and theories. My audience subsequently lacks attention in my presentation and the topics. The audience, I am presenting to, do not understand what I am telling them. They listen but they do not hear. This is because I mention the concepts and ideas but fail to make my audience understand it. I am making this development programme so that I can improve my presentation skill. This development programme will be analyzing the process I went through in improving, enhancing and polishing my skill.

Enhancing presentation skill

The presentation is the fundamental tool that guides the professional development of a successful exhibition. Whenever we do a presentation, show us individually or corporately, and how we say who we are professionals. In many cases, success future depends on a good presentation. Presentations are the best means to communicate concepts, issues, objectives and results. A presentation is the theme of an exhibition highlighting the central concepts and keeping the audience's attention. The presentation technique serves to inform, analyze problems, make decisions, form and training, and facilitating group dynamics (Munter 2008, 5).

To make a presentation should be used with master vocabulary, concreteness, direct and exposing the theme or topic with the most eloquent possible, because the best speech is concentrating the target that the presentation and makes it to the receivers in the most direct and understandable. Some conditions that are important to consider are: the personal care, control stage fright, proper use of audiovisual resources, avoid the use of fillers, the body language and tone management, but there is one very important thing to address as a priority. This is the vocabulary. Whoever does not have a vocabulary fluid ease of expression, rather than watch the other elements, can never make a successful presentation are the words that allow us to name things, construct sentences and thought to be more precise in an act of speaking. It is therefore imperative to enhance day to day vocabulary, as when a person can express, you get to dominate the stage and exit gracefully in any eventuality. It important to read, correct and phrases vices of language to achieve polished presentations, they are very uncomfortable situations that are presented to a speaker, when in full swing, a word to hear the murmurs or discrete laughter in the auditorium. They made ??it out of control and instil insecurity it can lead to failure, since the fear of talking to others due in largely to the lack of verbal skills and a lack of vocabulary (Guffey 2007, ...
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