Presentation Zen: Simple Ideas On Presentation Design And Delivery By Garr Reynolds

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Presentation Zen: Simple Ideas on Presentation Design and Delivery by Garr Reynolds

Presentation Zen: Simple Ideas on Presentation Design and Delivery by Garr Reynolds


From the title of the book leaves us between seeing the management that gives the book. With three distinct sections: Preparation, Design and Presentation (Delivery). One thing to be clear is that what is presented here is just an approximation and therefore the implication is a path, a path, perhaps a philosophy but by no means a collection of magical formulas, which if followed to literally give a successful presentation.


Garr Reynolds is a designer and a marketing professor living in Japan, as well as the popular blogger of Presentation Zen, since 2005 offering methods, ideas and thoughts on ways to offer a quality presentation to an audience.

Is it necessary to forgo Powerpoint? Not really. The ideal is rather to learn how to use it. This includes understanding these basic principles:

Projecting text form the same information that is communicated orally does not help get the message instead.

A good oral presentation is not the same as a well-written paper, and try to merge the two by a Powerpoint presentation that can both serve to support oral and written support is the surest way to a hybrid that is good in either areas.

The majority of multimedia presentations are poor today, just some small improvements to stand out.

There is no magic formula and each presentation is unique, but Zen approach avoids the most common mistakes and concentrates on the essentials: getting the message to the public.

Submissions should tell a story enriched by the image, and look more like a documentary than reading a written document.

Creating a presentation is a highly creative. And we all are, to varying degrees, creative beings. And no need to do is hang out in trendy artistic circles. Despite the fact that many people hate these “insipid and soporific” presentations, today most of the presentations are inconceivable without slides made ??with software PREPA. Most of those who have the same feel if he were to make a presentation without slides or without clothes. So everyone feels obliged to make slides, but unfortunately these slides are often a result of bullets indigestible plus images that are apparently there to fill a void rather than to bring something.

One of the ideas that a person can understand is to start on paper, trying to stay away from the tool (PowerPoint or Keynote) as long as possible. This allows the presentation to focus more on content and less on the technical possibilities of the tools.

When considering a job with the fresh mind of the beginner, the person often face the fear of making mistakes, and making a mistake is blurring. And we will never be creative if we do not take risks.

It is important to keep in mind three essential concepts for this preparation:




It is important at the initial stage of preparing a presentation away from the computer. Spend all the time for reflection and preparation before the ...
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