Pro-Union States Vs Right To Work States

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Pro-Union States Vs Right to Work States

Pro-Union States Vs Right to Work States

In this paper, I am going to discuss about the pro-union states vs. right to work states. Pro-unions exert their political muscle whenever state politicians advance the practice of right to work legislation. Small business enterprises are the first causality in states that require unionization of the workforce to qualify for government contracts. The underlying assumption that Statist proponents of high cost labor benefits workers is a false conclusion. The political class seeks to guarantee the generous flow of campaign contributions for their willingness to exclude entrepreneurial ventures, which hire from the unemployed and build solid business enterprises.

Absent from the economic statistics is the responsibility of government to protect the universal right of every legal citizen to earn a living by the sweat of their brow. Essentially, any discussion or comparison of right to work states union states must settle upon the nature of this basic of human rights. When academic institutions abandon the private sector and become a state-run research university, one should expect that research studies often reflect the establishment viewpoint. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that a Ball State Study: Right-To-Work Results Sketchy Elsewhere - would want to shield the rust belt economic structures, when the world has gone digital.

"A new Ball State University study shows right to work has no meaningful impact on job growth in the manufacturing sector. Economist Mike Hicks says the study examined the manufacturing sector in states where right to work became law.

The study finds that manufacturing wages, employment and economic growth remained virtually unchanged in states after right-to-work laws took effect. In Indiana, the climate is almost too positive to need such a law."

Note that the conclusion, from this study, that there is no need for ...
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