Problem Solving Approach Adopted By Well Known Innovator Thomas Edison

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Problem Solving Approach Adopted by Well Known Innovator Thomas Edison

Problem Solving Approach Adopted by Well Known Innovator Thomas Edison


Thomas Edison was considered as a great problem solver as he sorted out appropriate solutions for a number of problems.  His is well-known for his most efficient invention of a light bulb that emerged as a revolution in the history of inventions. He was known a great problem solver because of his motivation and continuous efforts. For inventing bulb he tried over 3000 different elements as the filament of a light bulb and then he found the most suitable one. It can be assumed that how many times he tried and failed for making one successful attempt. It was believed by Edison that one should not give up due to the failures because these are the failures that take a man nearer to the success.


Edison was an inventor with a broader vision and a thought provoking approach. He seemed to be the first one who used to see invention not only from the perspective of a working artifact but with a vision termed as innovation, research, development, invention, and marketing. With his effective practices, he helped in establishing a new platform for invention in the form of the industrial research laboratory that must be considered as the greatest invention of Edison. Machine shops were the first laboratories of Edison at his telegraph works in Newark, New Jersey. He worked in these shops during 1870's, he enhanced the technology of stock ticker , and created a new of automatic telegraphy, he invented a machine to transmit four messages simultaneously over a single wire, that machine was termed as quadruplex. He also invented an electric pen for designing stencil copies of papers.

During late 1870's the main concerns of invention were supposed to be the invention ...
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