Problems Of Health Insurance Market

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Problems of Health Insurance Market

Problems of Health Insurance Market


In many years, at regular intervals in the United States' society there is interest in the issue of health insurance, which will coincide with the discussion of the issue in the upper floors of the executive and legislative branches. So what are the problems of health insurance in United States? There are several problems can be considered not only one. When you open debate about whether health or medical insurance are vital or privilege for meager persons. There are a number of questions thoughts or comments are allowing more depth on the desired subject. Do I need health insurance? If in U.S, we have one of the best health systems of the world? Does it because of a political problem, economic problem, social problem, organizational problem? Do health insurance can afford only people with high purchasing power?, "I'm perfect health, I need to see a doctor or have health insurance", "I'm too young, I do not need health insurance" Do I genuinely need health insurance?, I can afford? All of these issues are in greater depth.


Do I need health insurance if U.S has one of the best health systems of the world? True, at present, U.S. has one of the developed health systems, with excellent professionals, researchers and great art in all areas. However, the health system is more saturated, and more waiting lists are there. This means that the health system is slow and mainly reactive (more preventive). Generally, treatments of health problems are much more effective if diagnosed and treated in early stages. America is also one of the leading countries in the of private development medicine with an extensive network of the best hospitals located throughout all regions and with trained of teams doctors and excellent universities with experience ...
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