Procurement Of Canaletto Centre

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Procurement of Canaletto Centre

Procurement of Canaletto Centre

Recommendations on the Best Procurement Strategy

For the case of Canaletto development, in order to consistently deliver the best possible services into the market for its business through effective procurement and partnerships as it essential to take into account whole life costing, innovation and continual improvement for the strategies used. Thus, the process of its procurement ways can be realized through providing leadership and building capacity for procurement though effective management, training and support. Aside, it is useful to have better process delivering excellent structures and procedures to facilitate effective procurement process and compliance. There has the environment stimulating the way it deals to the procurement matters working with the organizations both internal and external to execute and apply best practice of the procurement strategies involved. There should be certain guidelines as contained elements of strategy but the authority for the development of best practice and the utilization of procurement skills may possibly be an unclear notion. (Zsidisin 2001 61-73)


It would be better to used programme approach as compared to single project approach. This will be beneficial in the provision of the following

Ø      A clear description of its procurement arrangements

Ø      Authority for the timely application of procurement expertise

Ø      For its application to all non-payroll expenditure wherever it may potentially add value and give assurance on propriety and regularity

Ø       strategy approved at Management Board and participation of procurement staff

Ø      Development of supplier base and modern procurement practice

Ø      Restriction of right to negotiate prices, enter into contracts and to amend or alter contracts to procurement staff trained to exercise the necessary skills

Ø      Management and enforcement of contracts to completion

Ø      Standards and behavior in connection with procurement

Ø      Setting of targets & performance monitoring (Yongvanich 2006 309-321)

Moreover, it can be proper to imply certain assessment and evaluation of the procurement strategy used indicating facets of better resource planning and its respected procurement management that may cause such challenges for the Canaletto development as it is crucial for those procurement strategies for the people to adopt freely within best opportunities in line with the fact that there could be possible risks involved in using the procurement that cannot be easily measured in terms of cost, time, quality and money and be able to adhere complete assumptions of the process. There need to have good procurement planning and enough strategic ways to achieve good tendering as well as payment strategy reflected in the situation. (Wilkinson 2001 1492-1502)


Procurement Planning

Identify all potential acquisition transactions; discuss contracting approach, administrative requirements, and lead-times for each contract action.

Develop list of procurements; identify cost, schedule, type and quality requirements; and performance, specification, administrative, and delivery issues.

Develop structured approach for incorporating procurement management tasks into project plans, schedules, and budgets; include procurement issues in risk assessment and risk management plan.

Identify all contract actions, requirements, dollar estimates, lead times, issues, and risk management actions; obtain sponsor approval for plan; use peer review to verify realism and identify additional ...