Professional Biography

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Critical Professional Biography

Critical Professional Biography


The purpose of this paper is to introduce the achievements of my life, my characteristics, my experience and more importantly my future aspirations. In this paper, different interpersonal and professional skills and abilities that I possess are discussed. SWOT Analysis is carried out to project the strengths and weaknesses present in me. The traits that give me exclusive professional values, my communication and interpersonal skills and my experience of nursing practices are discussed. Why I opted to become a nurse? What have I learnt throughout the journey in the field of nursing in ten years? My decision making, leadership skills, management skills and team working skills are cited along with examples. What made me able to deal tasks and objectives within deadlines, my abilities to work independently as well as in groups are also mentioned. The aim of my life, my short term goals and my ideals are cited. What motivates me to overcome all the impediments that life put along the way to me and my dreams? The factors that have affected the course of my life and the factors which might adversely or positively affect my career trajectory are analyzed. Therefore, this paper will analyze the experience of my life in depth and help me in synthesizing future aims in a better way. It will help me to identify the threats that lie in my path of success and therefore, I will be able to rectify the faults and problems or improvise in other case. The paper will start with my background of my field of expertise and studies, which will follow analysis of my personal traits and in the end my future aims and aspirations and factors influencing them will be discussed.


Why I chose Nursing?

From my childhood I had a passion to serve humanity. When I was used to look in the eyes of patients whenever I went to a hospital, I was used to feel the helplessness, pain and a hope in their eyes. In such scenario, when a nurse would come to help them as an angel I would get overwhelmed with the deepest respect for them and therefore, I decided to be the one.

Later when I was searching for a college to get trained as a nurse, I attended a press conference of the Degree in Nursing. In the press conference it was told that a nurse has a responsibility to a person's preventive, curative, rehabilitative and palliative health care needs. Nurses participate in the definition of health needs with other health professionals, care planning activities and ensure the correct application of diagnostic and therapeutic prescription.

College Studies and Graduation in 2002

After attending that press conference, I decided to get into that college and practice nursing professionally after graduation. While studying in the college I further explored the broad domain of the responsibilities of a nurse. I learned how nurses serve to all intents and purposes and how a professional nurse manages the service on multiple fronts and ...
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