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Personal and Professional development

Personal and Professional development


Career is a broader concept than just a promotion through the ranks while working in one company. Modern career includes a series of different work done by moving between different organizations. Career requires active management; otherwise, the chances are that an individual do not particularly do well in it. In modern countries, as in many other countries, the employee is largely true only to himself, his skills and, in part, a profession, but not his temporary employer. A large part of the modern workforce is very dynamic.

Critical self evaluation

Team building is a necessary factor, which helps in creating unity within between people. It develops confidence and skills are prominently highlighted by it. I have a personal skill of working in a team and I am comfortable in doing group tasks. I have leadership qualities so in the career through team building these types of qualities are highlighted. Internal personal skills are inborn in everyone. Such as, some people have good communication while others have good writing skills. These skills vary from person to person. Similarly, I believe have a good communication skill, which is considered as a source of competitive advantage. It is also directly related to the effectiveness of communication skills and work with others. It is very necessary that these skills should be clearly specified. As I have mentioned in my CV that I have done courses MCSE and CCNA, these courses are considered as very important and they further help in creating a difference. The technical skills and personal skills are clearly mentioned in the CV. I have also skill of IT programming as I have learnt these skills in my courses, which I have, done. In every field, work problem arise which can be as a result of the strategies made which won't be clear or the goals or the methods are not clear due to which the problem arises. For example, in programming, I would identify the problem by the fact, how the programming can is beneficial and to identify the measures, so what are the consequences due to which this is happening. It requires proper identification and analysis.

Skills required by the career

The skills required for the career plan which I have chosen are as follows:

1st Step

The first step included will be to analyze the qualifications. I should access my skills and field of my career path. I should access the type of career I have selected.

2nd Step

The second step would include training and doing courses. I should go for (MCSE) Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and (CCNA) Cisco Certified Network Associate. This will help be a positive direction in providing assistance for my future career. According to my CV, I want to choose my career in programming and networking. I should first access the training being provided in this field along with the expertise. I should research on evaluating the variables available for me.

3rd Step

The last step would be going through the career ...
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