Proficiency In Reading And Logographic Stage

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Proficiency in Reading and Logographic Stage

Proficiency in Reading and Logographic Stage


Language has been considered as one of the most important defining characteristics of human beings. According to Noam Chomsky, “When we study human language, we are approaching what some might call the human essence, the distinctive qualities of mind that are, so far as we know, unique to man”(Chomsky, 1972). The origin of language is unknown but every human society and group has developed a certain language for the purpose of communication and each language is based on the basic premise of sound. According to few researchers human species have been reported to exist for the last one millions years and were able to speak and listen without being able to write or read (Fromkin and Rodman,1998). Liberman also suggest that language came in the world and society of human species long before literacy in terms of reading and writing. Historical findings with regards to mankind and childhood development stage present with similar findings (Liberman, 1975). The importance of language suggest that reading is directly related to the knowledge of language. The knowledge about language structure is the starting point of effective reading skills. The reading skill are also important for development of necessary reading skills which can be harnessed through training and employing orchestrating personal resources to attain specific results.


Initially the main focus with regards to reading and literacy was dependent upon the methods undertaken by teachers in education and less importance was give to the effect of teaching methodology on child (Gibson & Levine, 1975). In last several years, lot of research has been conducted for analyzing the process of reading. The main reason behind the improvement in the reading process was due to research findings that more importance needed to be given to the characteristics and skills that were required by the children to become effective and proficient readers (Juel, 1991). Juel states that "the lens through which we view reading instruction should be opened more widely to include not just the method in isolation, but factors that accompany the method". Some of the important factors that may affect the reading proficiency of child includes the time invested in reading, the type of text used for reading, social setting, instructions and interaction. Importance must be given to what the child is learning and what teachers and parents are trying to teach the child. As it is evident from research that the child's process of learning and reading begins long before they start going to schools. First elementary school years are important for accurate word recognition without any effort.

The reading skills of a child is dependent upon how well is he able to crack the code of alphabets and map the sounds of the letter. This skill helps them in becoming an effective reader and read on his own and independently without anybody's support and guidance. They can easily read different types of words and sequencing of letters without any issue by application of the correct ...
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