Profile In Crime - Michael Ross

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Profile in Crime - Michael Ross

Profile in Crime - Michael Ross


The story of serial killer Michael Ross is an interesting one but one that is marked with tragedy and disgust. He is a man who comes from a farm and later became what he is known for today. The man was born in the year 1959 as an illegal child to parents who decided to tie the knot later. Ross grew up in a disturbed family life. His mother was not fond of the farm life she had to live with her husband (Ziner, 2007). She eloped with another man and lived in the city later. After some time, she returned to her children but by the time she did, she had to be admitted to hospital. She had developed suicidal tendencies and was after her children. The paper discusses in the light of criminology theories, Ross's transformation from a child who grew up in the aforementioned family to a convicted serial killer.

Facts about Michael Ross

Although the serial killer himself does not remember for sure whether he was abused as a child or not, is sister admits that he was. Ross was the avenue used by his mother to vent out all her negative feelings. One of his uncles was often asked to babysit Ross. His sister believes that he might have sexually abused Ross. The disturbance in the childhood is reinforced from the fact that Ross remembered nothing of it. He did not want to talk about it either (Solution Library, 2010). The only thing that he could recall from his past was the fact that he used to loving giving his father a hand in the farm.

Another distinct personality characteristic which should have warned his parents was that after the death of his uncle, he was supposed to ...