Project Leadership Roles At Trihealth

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Case Study : Project Leadership Roles at Trihealth

Case Study: Project Leadership Roles at Trihealth

1) Identifying the common roles in a human resource project

Having efficient human resource in an organization has become a vital aim for many companies across world. An efficient human resource enables the company to outperform its competitors and retain competitive advantage. The role of Human Resources is mainly in driving the common corporate culture all around the World. Human Resources are the department which leads the development and upgrade of the corporate culture. The common corporate culture is crucial for the international organization. The organization cannot act the same way around the Globe when the corporate culture is different. On the other hand, the development of the common corporate culture is difficult. The nations are different. The HR Role is to set up the international team, which develops the unified corporate culture and corporate values. The role of Human Resources is in setting the essential training courses for managers. HR has to push managers to apply for the courses. They have to understand roots of the common corporate culture and how they expected to behave globally. The employees and managers have to communicate globally with colleagues around the Globe. The unified way of communication, the approach to problem solving and identification with the organization make global decisions easier (Chandler, 2000).

HR should be the first global function. It has to introduce the globally managed HR processes focused on the development of the international talents and bringing the unified approach. The performance management and the talent management are usually the first globally managed HR processes. The unified and globally managed performance management process helps to manage the performance of individual businesses in countries and helps to identify the future global leaders for the organization. The role of HR is to help the organization to become the real international organization. HR has to identify leaders. It has to look for opportunities to move different processes around the Globe as the organization is more competitive than the other participants in the market(Wagar, 1998).

2) Re-organizing the two roles

Project executive sponsor

The project sponsor role defined as the range of duties and responsibilities allocated to an individual or a group within the performing organization to provide necessary financial resources and ensure that the project is successful in the business or organizational level. It is the role of the project manager's boss. The sponsor is an individual or a group who acts at the senior management level to be as an advocate for the project and ensure that the project delivers the desired business outcomes, under the allocated resources. The sponsor provides internal political support and ensures right prioritization of available funds and resources. The duties and responsibilities of a project executive sponsor are as follows:

Budget allocation. The project sponsor supposed to provide or at least contribute to acquisition and allocation of financial resources required for the project. The sponsor takes the overall responsibility for ensuring that the project ...
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