Project Management Challenges In Healthcare Organization In Abu Dhabi: Example Of The Hospital Information System (His) Project

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Project Management Challenges in Healthcare Organization in Abu Dhabi: Example of the Hospital Information System (His) Project




Introduction to Project Management4

Application of Project Management7

Prevalence of Project Management9

Project Management Professionals11

Project Management Practices14

Causes of Failed Projects and Project Management15

Factors affecting project15

Emergence of Modern Project Management16

Project Management and Projects17

Significance of Project Management18

Prescribed Project Management Tools19

Effectiveness of Project Management23

Efficiency Driven Project Management Best Practices26

Project Sponsorship and Costs27

Project Managers28

Project Teams30

Risk Management32

Project Management Challenges in Healthcare Organization in Abu Dhabi35


Electronic Health Record (EHR)36

Clinical decision support system or CDSS36

Radio frequency identification (RFID)37

Automated dispensing machines (ADMs)38

Picture archiving and communications system (PACS)38

Incident reporting and recording systems38



Hospital Information System (HIS) Projects42

Strategic Plan43

The Creation and Development Services43

Improving medical processes43

The Investment Management Health Information System43

CRM related to information governance44

Information systems focused on the function45

Information systems process45

Three rules for controlling the Health information systems45

Electronic Health Records - Nursing Documentation and Patient Care46

Improvement in the Healthcare Organizations of Abu Dhabi through Strategic Plan46

Effective Information on Patient Care48



Introduction to Project Management

The word 'project' has been taken from the word of Latin origin, which is meant 'to combine and hybrid'. In portfolio management, a discipline that is practiced in the midst of planning, organizing, leading and controlling the effects financial decisions on the entity's resources and create succession and achievement of project-specific goals and objectives.

Moving on, program implies a written documents or prints shown in black and white, etc. in a public performance, often presented at a scheduled time. Finally, we have portfolio management (PM), as discussed above, that curtails and covers all proceedings, planning and presentations of all projects covered under the discipline. Projects date back from as historical as the building of the Pyramids in Egypt to as technological and hi-tech as the HSB Hong Kong headquarters, or simply from an individual objective to a global millennium development goal for the entire world to make efforts in its' contribution. The introduction and establishment of Association for Project Management, which was nailed in 1992 based in United Kingdom, intended for the endorsement of managing projects, thereby working to benchmark terms and procedures across a gamut of entities and firms. Very recently, the IT infrastructures, development of computer systems, pharmaceutical and financial firms has donated to escalation in the name of project management. For qualitative researchers, project management (PM) is presumably used to conjoin tasks such as budgeting, hiring research associates, finding appropriate certifications and approvals, collecting and analyzing data, intending reports to agencies and finally making presentations and printing publications respectively (Cleland, 2006).

Typically when discussing project management, several benefits and demerits are presented in terms of facts and flaws if occurring in the normal setting. The benefits of using project management techniques, along with software and web-based tools include improved organization, time saving and the Triple Constraint. Triple Constraint implies the notion where three keys—time, scope and cost—are being kept in mind when considering and dealing with a project's description and analysis. Responsibility and scheduled assignments are prepared in the preamble of ...
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