Project Management Of Hris Project

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Project Management of HRIS Project

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Project Integration Management

Project Charter

 Project charter will accumulate all of the information regarding the project and will provide it a single body. Project charter will manage internal documentation and planning information needed to align with project goals and objectives. It will make sure that operations are aligned with directions and project objectives. It will also keep the record of all the workers' information including their performance appraisal and pay and benefits details.

Project Scope Management

 Project Scope Document

 Project scope document will tell as to what is included in the project and what its delimitations are. This document serves as the important tool as it manages the major operations and daily work details. It also highlights who will perform what type of job. Job description and specification will also be mentioned in the project scope document.

Project Time Management

 Gantt chart, Pert and CPM Analysis

 Project time management will be done effectively through Gantt chart and by developing the critical path. These tools will help project manager to predict future work standards and results that must be achieved in the end of the project completion. This will also let the manager to assign daily work schedule to the workers so that they will know what are they expected to do in the assigned time duration.

Project Cost Management

 MS Project

 Project cost will be tracked on this tool alongside the various activities and phases of the project. The entire project process will be done through this tool. Moreover, budgeting and costing will be developed and distributed among project managers and incharge so that they must keep track of daily activities and compare the actual cost with standard cost.

Project Quality Management

 MS Project

Project quality management will also be done across various milestones and for different phases. The manager will keep track of all the phases that must maintained quality standard. The manager will evaluate the activities of every phase and make sure that the actual quality must match with standard quality of the project. This daily evaluation will define the overall quality of the project when it comes to completion phase.

Project Human Resource Management

 MS Project

The human resources will also be managed across the activities that they have been assigned to. Human resource of the project will ensure that recruitment and selection process must be implemented effectively and also keep track of all the workers' pay and benefits part through this tool.

Project Communications Management

 Lewin's Change Management Model

This model shows how changes are made in the project. These are unfreezing, change, refreeze. It is possible that the project needs to make some changes in implementing the processes. These changes must be clearly communicated to the project workers by utilizing Lewin's change management model. Change is good for every organization but it needs to be implemented effectively through effective communication system. This will ensure that employees will not resist change and will adjust with its process. This model will effectively manage change process ...
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