Promoting Literacy Development Through Writing

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Promoting Literacy Development through Writing

Promoting Literacy Development through Writing


The main purpose of this paper is to select the work of a student for Promoting Literacy Development through Writing, and measure its effectiveness. Writing is a very good way to promote literacy development. Writing workshops are also a medium that can help enhance the writing abilities of students. In these workshops, students get the chance to make an examination of the literature of other students and learn good writing examples. This paper is also an example of such classroom, in which the teacher gives the example of writing work of a selected student, and assesses it.


The paper discusses two writing samples of elementary student and assesses its effectiveness. The chosen writing samples (See appendices) are an example of writing abilities of a student. These writing samples indicate the better writing skills of a student, and helps in analyzing that wiring can help in promoting literacy development.


Ways to Promote Literacy Development through Writing

There are different ways through which literacy development can be developed. This paper focuses on the usage of writing to promote literacy development. For this, an instructional period has been designed that ranges from three weeks to three months. The main purpose of this instructional period is to adopt the different writing ways that can be helpful in promoting literacy. In this instructional period, students were asked to increase their writing abilities.

Assessment and Analysis of Student's writing

In order to assess students writing abilities and advance student's growth, different analysis and assessment methods have been followed:

i) Mind Maps

The maps are mental representations, is the image that the person is formed on the meaning of knowledge.

ii) Troubleshooting

It is a fact that the confrontation with the reality of everyday life challenges us to approach problems and conflicts to which they must find acceptable solutions according to the context. The troubleshooting process involves a series of skills that constitute the process and the importance of developing and assessing the academic preparation.

2) Assessment(s)/Analysis of Student Writing Ability

i) Patterns of Behaviours

The sample 1 (See appendices) is a very well written sample. In this sample, the child has discussed his experience about fish cinimin. In order to enhance the writing abilities of this student, I acted as an instructor. As an instructor, I worked for the enhancement of writing abilities of this student. In order to enhance the writing abilities of this student, I conducted different activities like book reading, discussion and journals. These activities helped the student in getting a proper idea about how to write a paper or essay. In order to assess the patterns of behavior, I can make use of child development theory. Piaget divided cognitive development of children in four consecutive lawful, qualitatively different stages. These 4 stages are universal, that is, regardless of cultural and social differences. Piaget: "The starting point for the child's thinking is the act"

1) Sense motorized stage to 2 years:

The infant learns to distinguish themselves from the environment; he is looking for stimulation and seeks recovery of ...
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