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The Marketing Mix: Promotion Strategies

The Marketing Mix: Promotion Strategies


In 2010, Anheauser-Busch (A-B) outbid MillerCoors to make Bud Light the official beer of the National Football League beginning in 2011. The NFL deal was the capstone to A-B's official sponsorship collection of the nation's top team sports: the NFL (including the Super Bowl and 28 of 32 teams), the National Basketball Association, Major League Baseball and the National Hockey League. Tack on the PGA, LPGA, Major League Soccer, UFC, the AVP Tour and the U.S. Olympic Committee and it become apparent that A-B has the sports sponsorship game fairly wrapped up (Mullman, 2010). On top of all that; throw in spending on TV and other media surrounding major sporting events and one can see that A-B is putting a large emphasis and spending a large quantity of its promotional budget on sports.


A promotional plan is a tool which is use to meet the marketing objectives of a company. It may be confusing for the new businessman, to develop a promotional plan, but an experienced businessman can easily develop a business plan. The promotional plan is the main factor of meeting the marketing objectives as it is the plan which decides the amount of the budget should be allocated in the target area. Anheauser Busch can start its promotion through different promotional tools.

Advertising can be done through different channels. These channels include the print media, electronic media, direct mailing and the outdoor advertising like the bill boards and others. Anheauser Busch plan to, first make advertisement through the electronic media because according to the research, US people spend most of their time in watching TV and using the internet. So, this could be the best medium to capture the US industry. After capturing the market through the electronic ...
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