Prophetic Intercession

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Prophetic Intercession


There's many of converse today about the ministry of intercession, and intercessors, and people who intercede. This phrase is hurled around rather loosely especially in Charismatic rounds today and you often discover people saying, "Well, I'm an intercessor." Well, what is an intercessor and what is intercession? Is it just praying? Is it a prayer? Can any individual manage it? Is intercession certain thing that any believer can do? And does it have any special relationship as considers the ministry of a prophet? (Ayoub 45)

The Four P's of Prayer

The 4 P's are so straightforward to recall - P for Prayer, and four distinct phrases that start with P that are all related to prayer and recount a distinct type of prayer. I'm going to give you the 4 P's and then we're going to gaze at each one of them in detail.

The first P of prayer is praise, and worship affiliated with it.

The second P is petition.

The third P is penitence.

The fourth P strangely sufficient is prophetic proclamation.

Praise, petition, penitence and prophetic - you'll glimpse all four of those in the Lord's Prayer, and I'm going to display you that. Let's start with praise and worship. Jesus said you should pray this way, "Our Father in paradise, hallowed is your name." This is praise and worship. You start with praise. In Psalm 22:3 David said, "But you are holy, O You that lives the praises of Israel." David knew all about praise. God lives the praises of His people. (Gilsenan 33)


What does praise do? Praise turns our vigilance from our difficulty to God. Romans 8:28 states, "And we understand that all things work simultaneously for good to those who love God and are the called according to His purpose." In recent decades there's been resurgence and a revelation of new renewal and restoration of praise in the place of adoration of the living God. At one time there was an entire issue of publications on the subject, and a man by the title of Merlin Corruthers spearheaded many of this with a very well renowned book. Some of you may have read it if you're vintage enough. It is still around, but it was issued a long time before, and it was called "Prison to Praise" and it sparked off something.

He composed an entire allotment more publications on the subject, and the gist of the teaching was this: To discover to praise God for everything. For everything? Yes, applaud God for everything. Many people considered that Merlin Corruthers was an unconditional heretic because if you came to him and said, "My married man just left me," he would state, "Praise the Lord for it, sister. Start saying, 'Lord, I praise you that my married man left me.' “Are you mad?

You realise what it did? It took your eyes off the problem and begun to glimpse that God was in control. It got you saying, "Lord I express gratitude you and I praise you that no issue what has happened, you ...
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