Proposal For evolution Of Architecture: How Traditional And Modern Ideologies Affect Our Well-Being

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Proposal for

Evolution of Architecture: How traditional and modern ideologies affect our well-being




Architecture is a passion, a vocation, a call, form of social integration and interaction between a person to its environment along with a science and a business. It has been described as a social art that has evolved with the passage of time and revolutionized human's life and ways of living (Ockman, 1985, pp.121) . It must be the expression of the design at its best. Architecture provides strength, utility and beauty as described by Marcus Vitruvius. Architecture provides a sense of belonging and supports in all spheres of human activity. It promotes the harmonious integration of human creations to the environment, while promoting health and well-being, enriching lives in terms of aesthetics and spirituality, offering development opportunities. On the other hand it also creates economic well being and creates a legacy that reflects and symbolizes the culture and traditions (Moore & Isen, 1990, pp.41).

The story of the architectural evolution and the role played by architecture in the well being of human can never be ignored. A healthy lining can promote a healthy life. The purpose of the design, renovation and construction of a building is to achieve optimum consistency with its environment and thus comply with fundamental aspects of any intervention in an environment by an architect (Magretta, 1997, pp.31). Victor Horta,defined psychology of space as "the study of people's behavior in the built environment."

The environment begins in our walls! - (Brussels Health)

Research questions

How traditional and modern ideologies in architecture have affected well-being of human?

What different aspects in architecture contribute to the health, wellbeing and behavior in humans?

What are the impacts that appear with the change in architecture (good or bad) in the behavior and the social patterns of human?

How the changes in the climate, orientation, light etc affect the architectural perception of human and impact on human behaviors?

How cognitive architecture evolved with the different ideologies that is, modern and traditional?

Aims and objectives

The main objective of this dissertation is to find evolution of architecture and in terms of well being of human and the changes and impact it had on the life of human being. Further it aims to find:

To study the relationship between modern and traditional ideologies in architecture and the impacts on the human behaviors and well being.

To study the impact of space or built environment on the behavior of an individual.

To study the evolution of architecture with different ideologies and theories of past.

Rationale and justification

The built environment of has a great impact on the daily life as well as life style of people. Architecture has changed the meaning of social interaction, and social living. Urban public spaces have generated new activities and performances. There are many studies that already define the usefulness of architecture, types of architecture, and their impacts. Lesser data is present on the impacts that are evident on the behaviors of human and the people played by architecture in the well being of human ...
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