Proposal On “the New Brutalism”

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Proposal on “The New Brutalism”

Proposal on “The New Brutalism”


Background of the research

New Brutalism gave conscious form to a mood that was widespread among younger architects in the 1950s, but in spite of the fact that it was expressed a sentiment that was felt in most parts of the Westernized world its origins can be pinpointed in space and time with some precision. The basis was a mood of frustration brought on partly by the difficulties of building, especially in Britain, after World War II, and partly by disgust at the smugness of the compromising elders who were still able to build because they were well placed with the 'Establishment'. The stylistic preferences of these elders were known as 'The New Humanism' by the political Left, 'The New Empiricism' by the political Right.

Problem Statement

The New Brutalism as a phrase was intended as a mockery, but it drew attention to certain attributes of the architecture admired or designed. Nevertheless, the building draws attention to the relationship of Brutalism to the traditions of architecture. For all its aggressive tone and uncompromising attitudes, Brutalism did not represent a radical departure from the traditional conception of architecture. Similarly the Brutalists, while abandoning fictitious surface for the 'reality' of steel and concrete and the concept of formal composition as necessary to the art of architecture, invariably practiced and theorized within the basic traditions of architecture as described by Reyner Banham in his essay “The New Brutalism”. A small case on “Yale Center for British Art” opting to prove that this building is also falls in the brutalism category would be analyzed.


The rationale behind conducting this research is to figure out the context of brutalism with the help of small case study on the “Yale Center for British Art” building, proving it to be the brutalism building. “The New Brutalism,” the name itself has received several applications and has failed, thus far, to become conclusively associated with one or another aspect of modern architecture.

Aims and Objectives

The main aim of this study will be to:

Figure out the main context behind Brutalism as described by Reyner Banham in his essay “The New Brutalism - Ethic or Aesthetic?”

Prove that the “Yale Center of British Art” building is one of the types of Brutalism building.


This study would help in defining the main aim of Reyner Banham's essay “The New Brutalism - Ethic or Aesthetic” and to explain what he meant by the subtitle Ethic or Aesthetic. This study would also help in differentiating the building of “Yale Center for British Art” with other Architectures.

Research Question

Can the terms “Ethic and Aesthetic” be used interchangeably?

Does the building of “Yale Center for British Art” classify in the brutalism category?

Limitation of the Study

A major limitation will be that only one case study would be selected. In future studies a number of different cases can be selected to improve generalizability.

Secondly, our study will be using

Data obtained from customers to a limited ...
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