Proposal On “what Services Are Available For The Male Victims Of Domestic Abuse”

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Proposal on

“What Services are available for the Male Victims of Domestic Abuse”



1.1Background of the Study3

1.2Purpose of the Study4

1.3Significance of the Study5

1.4Aims and Objectives5

1.5Research Questions6

1.6Ethical Considerations6

1.7Outline of the Study7


3.1Research Methods8

3.2Rationale for Choice of Qualitative Method9

3.3Data Collection Methods9

3.4Data Analysis9

3.5Time Frame10


3. 1Domestic Abuse11

3. 2Impacts of Domestic Abuse and Social Work Implications12

3. 3Male Victims of Domestic Abuse12



Dissertation Proposal Form15


Background of the Study

Domestic abuse involves battering, family violence, spouse abuse and intimate partner violence. There are many people who becom victims of domestic abuse everyday, including males and females. Therefore, the implications of domestic abuse for social workers are significant to working effectively with the victims of domestic abuse. Social workers must need to know that domestic abuse is considered as a crime, and it is usually gender based. However, domestic violence may also occur in same-gender relationship but such incidents are yet underreported. Social workers must be aware of the reasons and impacts of domestic abuse, and must know that it occurs mainly for gaining control and power over the victim of domestic abuse. Domestic abuse cannot be regarded as merely a conflict. Moreover, domestic violence deeply affects the children in the family and can also lead towards child abuse by the same person. Consequently, in the Western world, domestic violence is considered as an issue of deep concern as it has started occurring frequently in many forms such as, beating, biting, stalking, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, intimidation and economic deprivation (Siemieniuk, et. al. 2010, pp. 763-770). The prevalence rates and incidences of domestic abuse with male victims in UK are relatively lower as compared to the prevalence rates in U.S (Boyle &Todd, 2003, pp. 438-442). The statistics from British crime survey also suggests that two in five of all domestic abuse victims are male victims, which are often neglected by the police and their attacker goes free (The Guardian, 2010, pp. n.d). It can be argued that male victims of domestic abuse feel more shy, as compared to the female victims, in reporting domestic violence. Although, domestic violence usually have equal effects on the male and female victims, but, the social workers must adopt strategies for alleviating the issue and creating awareness of suspecting domestic violence in order to prevent the male victims from being domestically abused. Therefore, it is significant to determine the current services available for the male domestic abuse victims, and also to explore ways for social workers to work effectively with male victims of domestic abuse. Social workers can be considered as central providers in the statutory support offered to male victims of domestic abuse.

Purpose of the Study

Domestic abuse is a growing concern and a bitter veracity of our society. It is also widely believed that people are domestically abused only in regions where measures to prevent domestic abuse are not present or very low. Moreover, male victims of domestic abuse are underreported in UK. Hence, it must be the utmost responsibility of social workers to create awareness of the ...
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