Psychodynamic Perspective

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Psychodynamic Perspective of Personality

Psychodynamic Perspective of Personality


The psychodynamic perspective was based on depth psychology and has since been continuously developed. Founded about 100 years ago by Sigmund Freud, it is more relevant today than ever. Other well-known representatives are Carl Gustav Jung and Alfred Adler (Myers 2011). In the psychodynamic perspective, it is assumed that in addition to the conscious, we have a subconscious existence that has its own drives. In this essay, I explore the psychodynamic perspective of personality in a holistic context.


The psychodynamic perspective focuses on the human unconscious. To clarify further, people have three levels of consciousness, namely, the conscious, the subconscious and the unconscious. Consciousness is the current state of mind where current events are recorded in the conscious. The subconscious is below conscious and not easily accessible by consciousness. The subconscious mind is not conscious of the control (Myers 2011). The unconscious is a sector where a memory that will have or had a negative impact on individuals is demonstrated. The psychodynamic perspective aims to work on the subconscious level of the human spirit. Sigmund Freud, the father of psychology sought, researched the subject and participates with most modern analytical research in this particular field of psychology.

The psychodynamic theory defines to the concept and the dynamics of personality development, which underlie and direct the personality of people. The concept of psychodynamic is based on Freud's psychoanalysis concept that deals with the working of the sub-conscious mind, and the affect it has on a man. The basic concept of psychoanalysis maintains that the influence of the experiences related to sexuality in the childhood, which are stored in the unconscious mind, have the ability to escort to the development of emotional problems, when the child becomes an adult. The principal method of treatment in the ...
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