Psychological Disorders

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Psychological disorders and diseases

Psychological disorders and diseases


This paper is about the psychological disorders and diseases and the theories behind the disorders. Moreover, it also includes the drugs that can be used as a remedy and lessens the effects of the disorders and diseases. The importance of these drugs and its negative impacts has also been mentioned.


Psychological disorders are known to the human beings long since the humans have existed. There are many kinds of disorders and diseases that individuals go through and this happens mainly because of the various situations they come across in life.


Another name for “schizophrenia” is split personality disorder. It is something which is not only chronic and severe but it also weakens the mental illness. Around 1% of the people in the entire population get affected by this disorder which makes it to 2 million people in the United States alone.

Bipolar Disorder

This is a condition in which the people, between periods of good and bad moods, go back and forth. These people experience mood swings between mania and depression and these can be extremely quick.

Panic Disorder

This falls in the category of anxiety disorder and individuals who suffer from this have frequent attacks of intense fear. They fear that something bad will happen even when it is not expected (Porter, 2002).


An illness in which an individual indulges in a lot of food and has the habit of overeating is known as bulimia. Moreover, the person who has this disorder is unable to control his eating habit. In order to prevent weight gain, he uses different methods such as vomiting and laxative abuse.

Nervosa Tourette syndrome

This is a condition that makes the people repeat quick movements and make sounds which they are unable to control. Such movements and sounds are known as ...
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