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Critique on Pelzer Book

Critique on Pelzer Book

“Mother can beat me all she wants, but I haven't let her take away my will to somehow survive” David Pelzer. This phrase in specific has caught my attention and makes me want to wonder that how can a mother do as much harm to her own child. A child does not deserve to suffer so much pain throughout the book. This is a true story very touching and very sad that enlightens or reminds one of a sad reality that is the abuse of children that exists. Thousands of children worldwide are victims of abuse who are tortured and can lead to death, even though the society is governed by and protected by the law. What is worth appreciating is the Dave's endurance of torture that his mother inflicted, his will to hang on and not let his mother win along with the degree of self-preservation he had (Burnazi, 2005).

I believe there were many people who could have helped Dave as a child from the brutality that he had to undergo every day. The most important figure that could have helped Dave was his father who could have made his wife had counseling or could have helped his son to seek refuge someplace else. The reason why Dave's father never complained was the fact that wanted to have the same peaceful environment that once existed. According to the book, initially his home was the picture of the typical family including loving parents and their children. Dave's father was a fireman and his mother stayed at home to take care of her three boys. His mother was a fanatic about housekeeping and enjoyed spending time with her children. She would cook exotic meals for her family, tend to the house, and enhance her children's learning in any way she could. She especially enjoyed planning family vacations full of exciting adventures for the boys; they would go to David's favorite place, the Russian River, or on camping trips. David lived happily with all the love and nurturing a child needs for a healthy life (Felson, 2007).

This ideal family setting slowly turned into a never-ending nightmare. As his mother's mental health slowly broke down and her alcoholism increased, David's family became the background for a most horrific existence for any child It began with forms of what his mother would describe as punishment. David would do nothing wrong but he would be forced to sit in a corner or with his face pressed against a mirror so that he could look at himself while repeating, "I'm a bad boy." These events would take place on his mother's "bad days" and only while his father was away. On these days, he simply conceded to her harsh punishments and looked forward to the time when his father would come home and he would be free of his mother's cruelty. Soon the punishments got worse and David would show up at school each day with a ...
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