Public Health & Evidence Based Medicine Among Jeddah Physicians

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Public Health & Evidence Based Medicine Among Jeddah Physicians


Although evidence-based medicine (EBM) is an important concept for promoting value in health care, meaningful application of EBM tools in commercial settings has proceeded slowly. Barriers to the use of EBM include patient preference, physician resistance, the lack of automated decision support systems, managed care failures, lack of research on which to base decisions, and the inherent subjectivity of interpretations of evidence. Political concern has mirrored these barriers; consequently, Medicare still lacks clear authority to apply many evidence-based decision tools. Dialogue and consensus will be critical in bridging public concern and the eagerness of researchers to apply EBM.


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Aim of study1

Objectives of study2



Evidence-Based Medicine7

Evidence Based: Two Approaches7

Integrating Two Approaches13

Barriers to Practicing EBM17

1.Practice Related Barriers17

2.Patient Related Barriers18

3.Environmental Barriers18

4.Resource Related Barriers18







Public Health & Evidence Based Medicine Among Jeddah Physicians

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