Public Policing Versus Private Security

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Public Policing Versus Private Security

Public Policing Versus Private Security


The existence of security forces and police departments always brings happiness to the mankind. In fact, without security measures, it would not be possible for man to leave in peace. Two major types of policing practiced in the world, include public policing and private security.

This paper would describe the essential differences between public and private policing, what are the differences in leadership of both types of policing, how does the criminal justice system relates with each of these policing roles, importance and components of a comprehensive security plan.

Differences and Similarities between Public Policing and Private Security

If we compare the roles of public policing with private security, we would observe few similarities and differences. To enforce the law and maintain order in the society is the responsibility of public policing (ASIS, 2012; Cook, 2009). On the other hand, the major responsibilities of private security agencies are to protect personnel property of the people. Governments and the tax payers pay salaries and other compensations to the public police, while private security agencies or bodies pay to the private security officers. Basically, the private security officers perform the protective duties, which the public police do not perform; they protect the personnel properties.

The public policing performs the duties of maintaining order in the city, controlling traffic, serve the community in order to ensure protection, arrest offenders and ultimately prevent crimes. On the other hand, the duties of private security offices include serving as personnel escorts, protecting the personnel properties, patrolling the business grounds. More commonly, the private security agencies patrol the busy areas such as parking lots, parks, and valuable transports. Another major difference between the roles of two policing is that the public policing mainly concerns for the general safety of all the public, and to ensure the criminal justice system's laws. While, the private security agencies mainly concern for the security of corporate and personnel. For example, if the security guard of private security agency finds someone involved in a criminal activity, it depends on the choice of security guard to punish him or not, while as the public police is responsible for the whole community, the security guard of public policing would be responsible for arresting the criminals regardless of any boundary. Due to the fact that public policing works for the benefit of entire community, the public police officers earn respect from the company, while the private security officers do not.

Despite of having many differences between the two policing roles, the fundamental duties of both the roles are same. For example, the officers belonging to either of the public police or the private security department both work for achieving the common goal of maintaining security. In addition, they also work to prevent or deter the crimes in the community. The working style of both the forces is also much similar; both forces wear uniform; the uniform shows their authority to the community and gives the officers with the confidence ...
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