Public Policy And Transportation For Elders

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Public policy and transportation for elders


Many studies have been conducted which have stated that public policy is referred to as the government action which is the ultimate guide and action taken by the administrative and executive management related to the issues of people in the society. Many studies have been conducted which have stated that the increasing proportion of the elder population in United States has made it crucial to analyze and examine how the living environment affects the quality of life. The studies have stated that due to the increase in population of elder people, there has been tremendous decline in the divining abilities of elder. The studies have stated that the government should incorporate and implement transport solutions for the elderly so that they meet their needs (Nelson, 2002).

The primary aim and objective of the study is to identify and analyze all the public issues related to transportation provided to the elderly. The studies have stated that this issue has been growing in the last few years for the elder people in United States. The studies have further stated that seniors and elder people are unaware of the challenges and risks which are associated with driving cars in an elder age (Barton, 2009). The studies have stated that with age, the visual activities and senses abilities also decline. Moreover the information processing abilities also reduce with age. Therefore, it is very necessary for the government and public policy maker to devise and formulate strategies to reduce transportation problems for the elder people. In short, it can be stated that it is very essential to address the issue through the public policy process, so that elder people needs can be fulfilled (Silverstein, 2008)

History of problem

As observed, the region of America is getting older with the passage of time. The population of older people is increasing in all their country areas as compared to the cities. The studies have indicated that many young people are immigrating for study and work purpose, while older people migrate to the coastal areas as to take advantage of the positive aspects of the country life. The studies have indicated that ageing population in all the rural regions will enhance the demand for the specialized transport services in order to help and facilitate older population who have been livening in the community. The studies have further indicated that the infrastructure of the public transport is much minimal in all the remote regions of America. The studies have further indicated that in many remote areas and destinations, transport is not available for many people (Barton, 2009)

Many studies have been conducted which have stated that more than 25 percent of seniors and elder people live in regions where there is no availability of the transportation services. The studies have further revealed the fact that when elderly have no transportation, they become isolated from the society (Silverstein, 2008). Now days, distance has become a challenge for the elder society. The destinations are not even within the walking ...
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