Public Safety And Privacy

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Public Safety and Privacy


In this paper, we try to explore the concept of public safety and privacy. Public order restrains individuals from taking advantage of their rights to infringe upon the rights of other people in society. Additionally, public order gives advantage that pertains to a group of people as a whole but, not to individuals on a personal basis. Public order contains laws that define conduct in a society that is meant to uphold public safety while considering privacy and other rights entitled to the involved people. The civil liberty concept at times runs counters to public safety and defense of the nation. The American constitution grants rights, too many freedoms amongst, which lie privacy and freedom of speech. However, these rights are guaranteed for a conditional basis that ensures the rights are in place as long as they do not infringe on the interests of the country and safety and rights of others. This scenario is exemplified by the Bourgeois versus Peters (October 2004) in the U.S court of appeal. The case shows the supremacy of the constitution and its conferred rights over public safety policies that infringe on people's rights.

Public Safety and Privacy Analysis


Public safety refers to issues and policies that relate to the general protection and prevention of events that could put the general public's safety at risk. The protection and prevention is done to avert harm/injury, danger or damage that may result from crimes or disasters-both man-made and natural. On the other hand, privacy is an ability conferred on a person or group of people that allow them to reveal themselves selectively. This allows them to selectively seclude information about them or themselves. Social policy is part of public policy that deals with issues of a social nature. This policy including interventions and guidelines used in the creation, maintenance and changing of human welfare and living conditions to a conducive status. Thus, social policy is practice and public policy in the fields of criminal justice, human services, health care, inequality and labor.


There are numerous laws and rights that are existent in United States America (U.S) to protect people by keeping them safe and free. The rights that individuals are entitled to are granted so that they can enjoy freedom which grants people security and happy living. However, at times individuals can take advantage and abuse their freedom and rights. As a result, there is public order put in place by law and law enforcers to avoid such abuse. The rights of individuals as stated in the constitution prevent the citizens from mistreatment by individuals or the government. A large percentage of these rights in the constitution are meant to protect citizens from mistreatment by the law enforcement and justice systems.

The U.S bill of rights protects the rights of the American people and immigrants. The National Constitution Center (2008) states that, about two thirds of the bill of rights is meant to safeguard the rights of accused individuals or crime ...
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