Public Vs Business Administration

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Public Vs Business Administration

Public Administration vs Business Administration

Public Administration vs Business Administration


Public administration in contrast to business management must be taken when borrowing ideas or region, but the results indicate that communication with business administration would be easier because of the common space (White, 2007). This paper discusses Compares and contrasts public administration and business administration.


Public Administration can be compared to Business Administration, and Master Of Business Administration (MBA) is viewed just like a the Master Of Public Administration (MPA) for those desiring to pursue governmental or non-profit careers. Studies on the identity of public administration and business administration have been comprehensive. Some early scientists are trying to justify the practice of scientific management (Wheelen, 2006), probably as a reaction to the progressive era of persuasion and widespread corruption in the late 1800's. Nevertheless, scientific management was not in a position of legal study and practice of public administration, and some consider other ways to establish identity. Consequently, later researchers began to distinguish what political theory can also inform the study of public administration.

This coincided with people, opening the boundaries of scientific management in particular rely on their specialization, rules and lack of flexibility when faced with change (Pollit, 2007). Thus, modern public administration literature streams remains grounded in the social sciences and in political theory. More research has focused on how the administration applies to other fields, including business administration.

Given the current performance problems are based, where institutions are increasingly subject to federal mandates, it becomes imperative for scholars and practitioners to consider ways that could affect the future success and understanding. To perform such a task should be understood that "we think, as a profession. Although one can not directly study is believed that ideas and artifacts of thought can help us understand professional identity (Sawaya, 2008).

Some key issues emerge from this discussion, including: public administration unique personality, which can be determined using psychometric information? Is the identity of "common" or business administration or political science?, And if so, is an empirical argument that can be done either as the "mother discipline" for Public Administration (Renfro, 2009).

This problem is very complicated, because many of the analytical methods can not adequately or process information from these artifacts psychometric thinking. However, if the study used a set of non-standard methods, understanding the associated mathematical rules, he may find means and methods that allow us to examine the artifacts of thought, these utilities judgments, and ultimately make determinations about the validity of the allegations made by those who preach public administration and business administration.

Public Administration, primarily focused on public organizations that provide services for non-governmental entities and other similar projects, which typically do not focus on profit and are intended for charitable organizations, where business management is aimed at equipping students with the tools that are designed to making profits for their employers and the creation of profit-oriented enterprises (Heath, 2007).

However, organizational management problems, of course, not to find their roots exclusively in demand ...
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