Qualities Of A Successful Marriage

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Qualities of a Successful Marriage

Qualities of a Successful Marriage


Marriage is defined as a legal union of man and woman as a husband and wife to spend the rest of their lives together as one. As it is a life-long promise of two people joining together as one to depend on each other and share every thing they possess, it is considered as one of significant decision in many people's lives. Sustainability of happy marriage is significant in order to achieve relaxation and pleasure in life and it can be attained with qualities such as ability to compromise, good communication and love. (Aris 2005)

Compromise is one of significant factors in success of a happy marriage yet it is known as one of the hardest task to be accomplished during the marriage. The marriage is known to be the union of two people to live as one; however it is impossible to practice this theory in reality as two people continue to keep their individuality (Breusch, Edith 2004). For instance, each person has their own likes and dislike; therefore problems arise in every marriage. Two people can not always agree to same issue, and it is their job to find the best resolution to the conflict. The ability to cope with these conflicts determines the path of marriage(Baber, 2001).

Good communication skill is identified as another base aspect of successful marriage. The good communication skill interconnects with compromise. For example, constant conflicts are a major cause that leads a marriage to disaster. These conflicts can be easily resolved by talking it out and hearing other person's perspective. Through good communication skill, compromise between husband and wife will be made more easily, and effectively (Devine, 2006).

The path of marriage can be determined based on many different aspects. The marriage does not continue to be the way every couple desires it to be by itself(Becker & Hill, 2000). The sincere effort of husband and wife is the true aspect of determination of a marriage. Being open and able to look at issues at a different perspective would certainly contribute to the success of a marriage. Marriage is one of difficult homework given to every person and it is their duty to discover the best way that will support their marriage to become good and comfortable marriage(Bowman, 2001).


The quality of commitment is critical to a successful relationship. The difficulty of achieving this quality in a relationship stems from the need for both individuals to be equally committed to the relationship. I have found in my relationships that the aspect of personal growth is critical to each partner being mutually committed to the relationship. To overcome challenges in relationships or resolve conflicts, I find it often necessary for one or both partners to grow. This often stems from different values, beliefs, or levels of understanding and insight. Without one individual being able to grow, conflicts will not be successfully resolved. An example of this from my own experience occurred with my first serious relationship(Burgess ...
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