Quality Management In Healthcare

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Quality Management in HealthCare

Quality Management in HealthCare


The word quality refers to the excellence of any product or a service, that includes its attractiveness, a service or product lack of defects, its reliability and its long-term durability.

The quality of any output is an evaluation. It is individual's individual judgment with some set of attributes attached with the output. It is developed or created from the personal perception of the output. Quality is a relative term having no fix unit of standard, which is a system of unit less value. It is evaluated by comparison with similar products or services. The foundation for comparison is inside the black box of an individual which is based on his or her past experiences. This past history is called perception and a person develops a perception about things. When these expectations are achieved, then the quality is said to be acceptable, and when a person gets more than his expectations the quality is said to be excellent and the individual gets delighted. This is very significant to know that quality is not a tangible thing which does have physical appearance; it is something which is a unit-less measure. It cannot be measured until there is any interaction which takes place between the product and the person who is using it.

Quality is therefore a perception which is based on the individual system of value. It depends on the life, culture and the expectations of every individual. Quality gets a new definition in every interaction between the individual and that item or product which is being evaluated. It is one of those things which cannot be easily defined.


Concept of Quality in Nursing

Quality is explained as the extent to which the healthcare service resembles the purpose of healthcare and the service which is truly granted. It is basically originated in the industry of production to ensure that the product is being produced with consistency to achieve the customer's satisfaction. It is a dynamic thing by which nurses assume a sense of accountability for the quality of care which they provide, which is guaranteed that the services provided by the nurses are regulated though the members of this profession. They have been well defined in the standards and they should be followed in order to improve the client care.

Medical Customers: Content and Delivery

Customers do have some expectations which can be spitted into two main areas. Expectations related to the physical characteristics, or the content, of output or the product which is being provided, and the expectations regarding the nature of the interaction between the manufacturer and the consumer as the matter takes place.

The quality of content refers to that the output should do what the customer believes that it should be done, does the product or the outcome meets the expectation of the customer. The delivery of the quality refers to each and every aspect of the organization's contact with the consumer in the delivery of the output. It can be determined moment by moment, day by day, in ...
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