Quality Management In Hospitality

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Quality Management in Hospitality

Quality Management in Hospitality

The Business performance check means it is strategic performance check which determines the focus and scope of an organisation, towards achieving primary and secondary objectives of an organization (Anderson, 2004, p53). In other words the business performance check, determine goal of an organisation, measure the process or procedure of the goal and redefine to improve future performance to achieve set goal by an organisation.

Characteristic of business Performance check Performance measures:

The business performance check includes features such as efficiency and effectives of strategy, lagging or gaps, multidimensional etc. of a company. It shows how well a company it able to meet the determine targets (Anderson, 2004, p53).

Goals or objectives:

It refers to identifying goals or objective of an strategy to achieve company's main goal. E.g. target setting, decision making process, evaluation of performance etc.

It supports Infrastructure of a company:

The business performance check is also a information system which create structural communication throughout the organisation and also give information about the people, process, product, departments etc. Thus, it supports management process to achieve primary and secondary goals or an company.

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Quality Management

Quality management is very important from the wider aspect of guest, suppliers and management. Quality management is an approach on the path to recovery the competitiveness, effectiveness and flexibility of a entire organisation. It is of the essential way of planning, organizing and understanding each activity, and it depends on each individual at different level. Management feels it important to realize the 'meeting the customer requirements'. There is a consistency throughout the service for delighting the customers. We have the capability to meet the customer requirements, time and time again, which has created the reputation of the maze grill for “excellence”. Customer satisfaction develops the customer loyalty. Management thinks that focus on developing the customer loyalty provides the advantages such as

Retaining the customer cost less than acquiring the new one.

Longer the relationship with the customer, higher will be the profitability.

More than a half of new customers come through the word of mouth by existing customers which indirectly reduces the acquisition cost.

Understanding the customer needs and meeting the needs plays an important role. Understanding the guest can be carried out by listening to the guest and taking the action accordingly. Listening to the guest is done through feedback forms, satisfaction surveys etc.

The quality management movement brought the concept of internal customers and external customers. External customers are the guest and internal customers are our employees and ...
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