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The aim of this research is to examine the quality control process in photo colour lab. The imaging industry has remained competitive depending on the quality of the results, and this is the reason why implementing comprehensive quality management procedures is imperative. This research will employ action research in the form of non structured interview survey. Fifty research participants will be selected through a convenience sampling who will be asked about the currently employed quality control practices and the requirement for change. This research will facilitate the existing literature on management quality control of the imaging and printing industry since the data upon this industry is scarcely found.

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Problem Statement3

Research Aims and Objectives3

Significance of the Study4

Nature of the Study4


Concept of Quality Management5

Theoretical Account5

The optimal Level of Quality in Colour Lab6


Research Design8

Data Collection8


Research Instruments9

Recording Data9

Data Analysis and Interpretations10



Interview Questionnaire14



In the colour photo labs high quality is essential as it is one of the main competitive advantage of the organization. The quality of image can be evaluated, described and turned into many practical applications. It can give expression to the real quality of colours as seen by humans, colours on screen, by camera and the colour extended by bar coding. In this regard organizations are trying to be competent in ensuring quality management in the colour labs.

Problem Statement

Currently the quality of the photo colour lab is not as encouraging as it should be. The industrial processing and high quality requires ideal quality management processes and by investing in high performance, the high quality machines can process a large number of colour photos at a fast pace. Every step in the quality control method needs to justify the close control circuits that can minimize error while optimizing operational steps. There have been a growing competition in the printing and photo industry for example Diadeis, Kodak, Sony and others keep on improving their quality control efficiency to ensure that results are effective,. The photo colour lab needs to be managed according to the predefined quality standards serving the purpose of the lab well.

Research Aims and Objectives

The research aims to analyse the quality management at the photo colour lab. The following are the main objectives of the research.

To examine the current quality control processes of photo colour lab

To understand the improvement requirements of the current process

To analyse the strategies that the management use to ensure an effective quality management process.

Significance of the Study

Monitoring of photo lab quality ensures optimum results and best equipment performance. The advancement in technology is rapid in the photo and imaging industry. One of the goals for the industry and a motivation for the advancement is to establish a high quality prints economically and fast. With this motivation and goal, the limitations of poor colour systems are proposed frequently to achieve high quality prints. This is the reason why this research is important to facilitate improving the quality ...
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