Question 1: Identify And Explain The Main Field, Which You Are Interested In:

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Question 1: Identify and explain the main field, which you are interested in:


  I firmly believe that health is more than the absence of disease and nursing over the provision of diagnostic and therapeutic services. This is one reason why I am applying for the Nursing program. Regardless of the changes and advances in technology that occur in the health profession one will always remain unchanged and that is a face-to-face interaction with patients, the most powerful diagnostic and treatment resources(Snodgrass 354).

Nursing is an exciting and challenging area for research. Nursing uses scientific process in terms of helping people in acute illnesses and teach them how to stay healthy and cope with their illness. The nurses basically are Assistant physicians (Judd272 pp). They assist the doctors, giving medicine, treatments, tests injections or blood sampling as directed by the physician. They furthermore observe patients for mental, physical, communal and / or emotional  shifts and record changes. There are several fields of employment, the nurse can join e.g:Nurse teachers working in community colleges or universities, Registered nurses who work in the hospital for two of the examples in the field of nursing work. University and college educators of nursing  teach scholars in the area of nursing. First of all, to be an instructor, a person must be nurse, at least a bachelor's degree. The average annual salary of registered nurses was $ 62,450 in May 2008(Snodgrass 344). The middle 50% acquired between $ 51,640 and $ 76,570. The lowest 10 % acquired less than $ 43,410, and the largest 10% acquired more than $ 92,240.

Q.2:Compare and contrast the three schools, colleges or universities, where those who are interested in this field may transfer a full course of study or get a degree:

Schools considered: Sam Houston State University UT Health, University of Texas School of Nursing. Texas Woman's University

Sam Houston State University Nursing Program

Sam Houston State University Board of Regents approved a new Bachelor of Science (BS) Nursing Program in the November 2008 meeting. Nursing Program at Sam Houston State University (SHSU) has received initial approval of the Texas Board of Nursing on Oct. 21, 2010 ( Thirty-five scholars will be admitted to the currently approved program in January 2011.

Department of Nursing will hold Academic Building III (AB III) on the SHSU campus to a new state of modern nursing / life science building is constructed. Nursing curriculum has ...
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