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Question 1

Explain the relationship between exercise and cardiovascular Energy. Explain the structure and pathway of blood through the heart.

Through exercise, the cardiovascular system performs 3 functions:

1) Adapt the blood flow to the muscles. 2) Eliminate waste products. 3) Collaborate in the process of thermoregulation (Ackerknecht, 1971).

The response is regulated by different mechanisms. One of the most important is NERVOUS, which is an increase in sympathetic nerve activity and decreased parasympathetic activity; mediated by two controls: a) Central nerve impulses are descendants of the cerebral cortex to the vasomotor center in the medulla (Fábrega, 1997). This control is started simultaneously with the motor command acting muscles, is called "anticipatory response". b) Reflection, which occurs after the start of muscle contraction and are impulses that originate in muscle and joint receptors (Farmer, 2000).

Question 2

Describe the benefits of proper exercise and the components of physical fitness.

The planned exercise with the aim of improving physical fitness, weight training and flexibility, provides great benefits in all aspects of life. It includes basic health, till the least concrete and positive attitude and joy (Fábrega, 1997). Studies have shown that People who exercise, they suffer less depression, this is even more important for women over forty who are more prone to depression (Farmer, 2000). Moreover, exercise benefits in the following ways:

Less widespread pain such as fibromyalgia

Significantly increase self-esteem.

Increase ability to concentrate.

Increase their toleration to stress.


Describe dietary and other strategies for reducing the risk of CVD (cardio vascular disease).

Different people consume dietary supplements for different reasons—to compensate for inadequate diets, treat or support medical conditions, enhance work performance, improve mental status, and to prevent cardio vascular disease. Recent years have seen increased marketing of “green” dietary supplements, with their promotion as alternatives to supplements produced by major pharmaceutical companies (Farmer, 2000). It is common for producers of these supplements to indicate that these “green” products have “natural” or “organic” ingredients and to indicate that they are no addictive and/or chemical free. Though there are protections in many countries to ensure that products are safe and that their Energy claims are not misleading, regulation is not uniform (Ackerknecht, 1971). The use of dietary supplements to support and improve Energy may be desirable; however, long-term use of some supplements can be harmful when they are consumed in high amounts. Further, some supplements may potentially interact with foods and other drugs regardless of their sources—natural or chemical. Hence, one should consult with Energy care providers when deciding to use any dietary supplement or Energy care product (Fábrega, 1997).

Question 4

Explain the concept of Energy Balance. What are factors that lead us to overeat and how can we maintain an Energy weight?

Concept of Energy Balance

The Balance of energy includes practices and study that prevent diseases or illness, and promotes individual and public Energy or quality of life. The pace of Energy Balance research and practice has increased and expanded dramatically over the last three decades (Farmer, 2000). Increased awareness and the range of ...
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