Racial Representation Of Black Models, Male And Female In Fashion Editorial Advertising

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Racial representation of black models, male and female in fashion editorial advertising



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2.1 Historical representation of blacks in different forms of media1

2.2 Racism2

2.3 Racism in advertising4

2.4 Derogatory images of black men in fashion editorial magazines6

2.4.1 Skin Color and Its political and social ramifications7

2.5 Black men's fashion magazube adverts9

2.5.1 Visibility9

2.5.2 Racial Composition12

2.5.3 Portrayal12



This dissertation is focusing on the racial representation of black models, male and female in fashion editorial advertising. The selection of Blacks—defined as any person of African descent—presented in mainstream media is often limited to a discrete group of Black celebrities1 or stereotypical images. With the rapid evolution of technology, traditional communication outlets—including television, radio, and print mediums—have been joined by gaming, Internet websites, webzines, web and computer based instruction to increase the level of exposure to fashion magazine advert images. Although television remains the most prevalent viewing outlet, these contemporary mediums have increased exposure of and access to imagery of Blacks. The image of the black male in the fashion magazines has historically always been controversial. In 1972, Colfax & Sternberg noted how the black model would at times be replaced by a child or a woman in an attempt to manage the color problem in American society and introduce a color under a form that appears less threatening to white America. So what is the status of the black male in today's magazine advertising? And how has it evolved? (Melinda and Coltrane 2000, 119).

2.1 Historical representation of blacks in different forms of media

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