Rain Man The Movie

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Do you know "high level" of autism? They are incredibly intelligent. They can carry on conversations, memorize phone books, tracking schedules, statistics say, calculate square roots, and count the number of toothpicks spilled on the floor in seconds. But they can not think abstractly - they don 't tell you the price of a car and the price of a chocolate bar. In addition, they receive little disturbed when someone interrupts their routine.

The young Charlie Babbitt business is informed that his father died, but he does not like much. Then he pushes his father's house, where he remembers the time when he lived with his father. (1988 Rotten Tomatoes)He sees the old Buick and again he told his girlfriend Susanna story how his father left him in jail for two days because he had secretly borrowed the car. This caused the end of their relationship.

Charlie inherited the car and roses, but money, three million dollars goes to an institution called Wallbrook. It is a psychiatric hospital for people with reduced mobility. There he finds a stranger who is actually his autistic brother Raymond. Charlie kidnaps him, because he needs money from his father

Raymond Babbitt (Dustin Hoffman) is a "high level" autistic man living in a psychiatric hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio. When his father dies, he inherits three million dollars, to the chagrin of his brother. Raymond's brother, Charlie (Tom Cruise), never knew about it. He was very angry to learn that their estranged father left everything to Raymond the exception of a Buick Roadmaster 1949. Charlie left his car business in Los Angeles fragile and went to Ohio to find out where the estate of his father is gone. When Charlie discovers Raymond, he decided to remove it and bring it back to his home ...
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