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Rat Experiment

Rat Experiment

1. Why did the researchers conduct this study?

The researcher conducted this study to find out animal psychology, and understand the behavior of rats in a maze changes the formation of simple relations between stimulus and response. A favorite method of research in experimental psychology of animals is by placing animals in a maze and measuring the time required the animal to pass through it. The experiment carried out to a hungry animal could expect to receive food only if it finds a way out of an intricate, full of blind alleys of the maze.

Rats quickly learn to find the shortest way through the maze. This evidenced by the constancy of time required for this, as well as conservation of the route. It can be assumed that, in these cases the crucial role played by perceived similarities rat lines and curves in the exact route, that is, the development scheme of the maze.

2. What was/were the independent variable(s) in the study?

The independent variable in the study is a perception of people thinking of rats as dull or bright. Because their perception will change their behavior, but, rat's behavior might not bring any change in their perception.

3. Describe four ways in which the procedure of this study differed from Rosenthal and Fode's (1963) study?

This study is different from Rosenthal and Fode's study because it represents the multiple numbers of people experimenting with many rats. Fode's study conducted in different universities with separate apparatus. Rosenthal and Fode's study based on students' performance not the psychology of humans. After the experiment, the students could figure out what exactly their teacher expects from them. The concept of bright and dull introduced in this study portraying students as their rats. Students encouraged improving the performance of the rat in a different way, but, study in discussion does not do that.

4. Would this study be best described as experimental, longitudinal, or both? Explain in a short paragraph.

This study is an experimental study because a detailed experiment with rats and the group conducted for some purpose. Experimental research involves experimental manipulation of a variable not checked in rigorously controlled conditions, to describe how or why because there is a situation or event. Studying the behaviors of animals has been eminent importance to many psychologists. By studying animal behaviors, researchers can determine what influences them, whether it is their surrounding environment, reinforcements or stimuli.

5. What was the ...
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