Recent Event In West Virginia University (Wvu)

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Recent Event in West Virginia University (WVU)

Recent Event in West Virginia University (WVU)

Recent Event: Dance Now!

The recent event happened in the last ten days is Dance Now! Which is a dance program organized by students and faculty of WVU. The concert this year was dedicated to Emily Spickler, a former student who passed away while studying abroad in Australia in 2011. She was a third-year dance minor from Shepherdstown, W.Va. As the dance program at West Virginia University continues to grow, this year's annual dance concert, “Dance Now!” had come with a number of important milestones. The performances were generally choreographed and danced to the system music while there are social dances that are not choreographed and danced to the music changes. Exceptions include the un- standardized social dances like the tango in Argentina, salsa or swing.

The term Dance Theatre is a dance made ??before an audience in the theater. The dance-drama of the terms, dance, theater and Dance Theater can all be used interchangeably. Today ballet, the erstwhile Persian classical courtroom dances, and dances of the temple of India are there primarily as dance theater. A range of twentieth-century concert dance styles are performed. The term is also used to describe the hybrid genre of performances in which a significant element of dramatic enactment is embedded in a piece of dance.

The Division of Theatre and Dance presented its annual dance concert "Dance Now!" featuring work by WVU Dance Program students and faculty. The focus was on choreography and performance welcoming a diverse range of dance styles, as well as featuring local dance groups and guest artists from the dance world (Dunlap, 2010).

The show was presented by the School of Theatre and Dance in the Lyell B. Clay Concert Theatre at the Creative Arts Center on Thursday and Friday (Feb. 2 and 3) at 7:30 p.m. and Saturday (Feb. 4) at 2 p.m. A new addition to this year's concert was Masterworks, which brought a piece choreographed by a prominent master choreographer. Masterworks launched this year were with Paul Taylor's “Aureole.” A double-cast of dance minors have rehearsed rigorously under the direction of Maureen Mansfield-Kaddar, former dancer with the Paul Taylor Dance Company.

Dance Now program has forged a background that considers the Latin American ethnic groups, the meeting of the American and European culture, the development of fusion, reflecting on "magic realism", the characters in the popular expression at the carnival, and urban reality view from industrial processes in contrast to his popular poetry involving the bolero. Dance Now program permits factors that are part of dance identity on which the university proposed the line of work of art as a contribution to the construction and reconstruction of memory consistent with their values ??and customs. His research is based on the historical and symbolic of his works as a language and interdisciplinary contribution concept and artistic creation.

Dance Now has experienced greater exposure to the development of mass culture during the second half of the twentieth ...
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