Recruitment Process Analysis

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Recruitment Process Analysis

Recruitment Process Analysis


Since the paper solely focuses on managing the human resources of individuals as they see fit, we shall be discussing the discipline of valuing, managing, organizing, leading and controlling of human resource in a particular organization. Human resource management has been one of the most important, crucial, extremely important and one of the major core of all businesses that we see today. For Apple to Sony, from Body Shop to Chanel, from Audi to the reputable Toyota, it has always been about utilizing and making effective use of individual employee resource and utilizing their given set of skills, traits and abilities that individual heads of authority and employees jointly explore and utilize for the overall well-being, benefit, establishment and strong holding of the organization to survive in the industry overall (Barney, 2007, 99).

For this paper, our point of discussion that engulf around Maersk Shipping Company, a Dutch-based corporation that has been in the industry for the purpose and objective of creating excellence at its finest with tools, strategies and tactics that individual employee and the heads of authority running and managing the entire organization have come to note accordingly.

Concept of Recruitment

To start it is clear that when most people with a higher level studies have a good deal more knowledge or certain words that the vast majority of those who had the opportunity to study not manage in everyday life is therefore I think appropriate to define concepts that can later be used and controlled by the person interested in the subject. Some of the definitions of recruitment are taken from different books: (Barney, 2008,, 49).

1. "It's called recruitment process to identify and involve candidates to fill vacancies (Barney, 2008,, 49)."

2. "Recruitment is the set of techniques and procedures aimed at attracting qualified candidates potentially able to occupy positions within the organization.”

3. "Recruitment involves attracting new staff and provides the company."

Recruitment Process

Recruiter vacancies are identified by human resource planning or at the request of management. The process begins when you started the search, that is, when the procedure initiates when attempting to explain workers or the general public the existence of a vacancy in the company, according to environmental variables and company policies. To answer the above questions two things should be checked: first, job descriptions and providing basic information about the roles and responsibilities including opening and the second is to request additional information from the manager that requested the new employee. So once defined as the above opening for reception of applications for employment which ended the recruiting process (Becker, 2009, 779).

Recruiting Environment

To recruit people within the organization, there are certain factors to be considered as the influence of these can be somewhat restrict recruitment; these may be caused in the organization or belong to the external environment.

Internal and External Recruitment

External conditions

External conditions greatly influence recruitment. The unemployment rate, the conditions prevailing in the area to which the company, the abundance or shortage of supply ...
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