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Recycle is the process where the materials are used back into the production cycle by transforming them into new materials which can be used again. It would be beneficial to our health by removing harmful substances and pollution from the waste stream and garbage. If recycling is made mandatory, it would help preserve our earth's natural resources by reducing the need for raw materials, cutting down trees and saving energy and money.

Recycling must be mandatory to reduce landfills and greenhouses gas emissions. Recycling reduces a range of pollutants from entering the air and water. By decreasing the need to take away and process new materials from the earth, recycling can eliminate the pollution with the initial stages of a products development material extraction refining and processing.

Why should recycling be mandatory made throughout the US.


It is a chemical or mechanical process where a used substance or product is submitted to a cycle of total or partial treatment to obtain a new raw material or product. It is usually a product of from waste introduced to a life cycle. In this process, industrial waste or household become commodities. Recycling possess actions to reduce the production of objects that could become waste. It consists of those actions which allow a re-use of a product to give a second life, with the same or different use. It includes all those operations of waste collection and treatment that allow reintroduction in a life cycle. It has been proven one of the best ways to reuse the waste materials. Recycle materials include glass, metal, paper, textile, plastic and electronics (Tierny, 1996).

Reasons for making 'recycling' mandatory in United States

Recycling prevents the development landfill or incineration, which are forms of waste management promoting pollution of soil and air. It uses waste as a resource, but also preserves the natural raw materials. It may be cheaper, as in the case of the manufacture of glass or aluminum from used materials. It saves energy, clear the industrial waste, reduces the waste in landfills and helps in maintain the environment. Whereas air, water and land pollution occurring through waste disposal can also be reduced through recycling (Tierny, 1996).

Individuals gain financial income from recycling. Many unused things at home can be recycled and can be earned money from. In 2007, aluminum cans were recycled to conserve the energy which equivalent to 15 million barrels of oil. Recycling helps in saving trees. When trees are cut down, more are planted in their place. Paper comes from pulp forests which are especially for the paper production (Tierny, 1996).

Economy in the consumption of energy is very important if we want to reduce the actual future impact of global warming. Conservation of Nature (from the forests and rivers) has become increasingly important in the case of recycling. It is estimated that (in the U.S.) is about 40 million copies of newspapers discarded every day, equivalent to throw about half a million trees ending up in landfills every ...
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